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Over a lifetime, you're likely to spend over 25 years asleep, so it's important that we keep our mattresses spotless. SRM Cleaning Services in Ossett provides expert mattress cleaning which can combat the build up of dust and dirt to keep you sleeping soundly.

Our mattress cleaning service can:
  • Reduce/remove the appearance of stains
  • Remove dust
  • Kill mould
  • Eradicate dust mites
  • Leave your mattress smelling fresh and clean

Wake up feeling refreshed

We use a hot water process to clean your mattress. This means we can get right into the fabric to make sure we eradicate as much dirt, dust and staining as possible. 

The cleaning agents we use are safe but effective in getting rid of dust mites, it'll be dry in just a few hours too so you can rest easy the same night on your freshly washed mattress. 
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